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What does Goldmedcare offer?

A website that provides a number of services to all parties of the medical system, including institutions and individuals working in the medical system in order to provide a distinguished medical service to individuals and society.

Our Services for Individuals
  1. Online medical file to build his medical history.
  2. Medical information and advice for his age and according to the nature of his health.
  3. Nominate the best healing places with special discounts.
  4. Presence in emergency situations and the possibility of requesting a home examination or nursing home or request medicines or booking places of recovery.
  5. Medical card linked to QR Code to link to the medical file and the network of discounts that we offer to our customers.
Medical Card
Is a card issued to individuals with QR cood linked to the medical file of the individual carrying his medical history through the patient’s medical file
It can be seen on the state of health from the last measurement of the level of pressure, blood sugar, in addition to providing blood type, this file will serve as a profile of the health of the patient with the mention of any serious diseases such as heart disease, respiratory and others.
With a box of treatment, times taken, and when the next consultation or disclosure is made, this information will be secured.
Through an account with a password and a user name so that only the patient and the hospital under examination.
Services provided to hospitals
Hospital profile and internal view of rooms and equipment.
1. Dealing with a patient who is not subject to a hospital contracting authority.
And follow up with a doctor.
2. Dealing with the patient of one of the contracting authorities Dealing here is able to obtain a reduction in prices and to stay informed periodically on his health this every measurement of pressure or diabetes level is recorded in our medical system automatically this with the competent authority only and based on these measurements From knowing his health from deterioration or improvement, this serves as an electronic recording of his health in case he is preparing for surgery.
3. The ability to communicate with the hospital and know the financial value of the bill and the cost of any of the medical examinations, radiology and analysis, and our medical system allows the user to get the result of the analysis electronically sent to him through his medical file.
4. Provide the ability for the user to request an ambulance to his home or accident site through our medical system by providing a hot number for any of the hospitals of his choice.
5. Our medical system also provides communication with available hospitals for an operation or examination.
The goal of the medical system of hospitals
First, the marketing of the hospital profile is not only within the framework of the insurance of its health but also ordinary users and reduce the contention of patients, the reason that will prompt the patient to go to the hospital is to conduct the examination on the basis of booking only appointment, which reduces the mixing of patients with each other.
Second: Seek to attract more contracts for trade unions and companies through the profile and evaluation of users of our system on social networking sites, and this system is available to any of the users can see the system and hospitals and ways to deal with them.
Third: The existence of an electronic system permanently link between the hospital and the patient to ensure that the patient deal with the hospital in all
Fourth: Promoting contract offers and the insurance provided by the hospital.
Provision of medical equipment and consumables
  • Order any medications or injections from the largest pharmacies and deliver quickly and at the lowest prices.
  • The user is from a union or contracting authority with a particular hospital and wants to know which pharmacy Affiliate you can view this through us.
  • The user personally can find out which pharmacies near you can provide the required medicine.
Services provided to doctors
The doctor has a special profile, level of experience, location of his clinic or hospital, and the areas where he or she can make a home inspection.
The patient has only to choose the specialty and the level of experience of the doctor and then choose the doctor and shows the doctor notice of requesting a home examination.
Outpatient services
1. The user has to deal with one of the outpatient clinics and emergency of a hospital and here is what our system provides
Medical is to communicate and book an appointment without having to call or go to the clinic and wait.
2. Ability to follow up with the attending physician directly with the results of tests and health status tests as a whole.
3. See the costs and invoice value of all medical examinations and disclosure.
4. Profile of the hospital and offers for health insurance for companies and institutions, and the dates of booking for the examination, consultation and medical examination and surgery.
الهدف من الخدمات المقدمة للعيادات والأطباء
First, the publicity and marketing of a doctor and his clinic through the process of home screening and his profile, through our system attract patients to the doctor for home screening and through them can be a network of relationships with patients to increase his clients.
Second: Through our system we enable the doctor or clinic to publicize and spread through booking for emergencies and the nearest clinics and spread through the publicity that will be through us.
Thirdly, the electronic system keeps the patient in touch with the doctor or clinic through the patient’s medical file. This ensures that the patient will stay in touch with the doctor or clinic that has been detected.

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